Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan

Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan Price, Release Date and Review – Saying that the recently overhauled 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 Sedan can drive itself is just every so often an exaggeration. Mercedes Benz Release Date and Review You see, utilizing the huge Benz’s Distronic Plus with Steering Assist characteristic, we “drove” for five minutes and 43 seconds without touching a solitary control. This occasion, which happened in average Southern California moderate and-go activity, broke our particular record for conceded judiciousness, as well as our organization’s strict driving approach, which indicates that we never drive with not exactly one hand on the wheel.

2014 Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan Release Date and Review

Legitimate advice flinched. Protection statisticians hollered. Furthermore some place in Germany a stoic Mercedes architect inclined back, collapsed his arms and broke an unpretentious yet fulfilled grin. Potentially the greatest supporter to the S550’s cool aura is its air-suspended, earnestly damped suspension. The suspension, which is driver movable over two modes (Sport and Comfort), uses the stereo Polaroid in Comfort mode to output the street ahead and conform the suspension appropriately, an alternative Mercedes calls Magic Body Control ($4,450).

2014 mercedes benz s550 specs
Mercedes Benz Release Date and Review, With so much engineering heading the way, the S coasts over interstate extension joints with unruffled grace. The ride is both rich smooth and agreeably regulated. Our analyzer was fitted with 19-crawl five-spoke wheels as a feature of the $5,900 Sport Package, which likewise incorporates one of a kind front and back guards and side skirts. Despite the fact that its barely a significant measure of accomplishment in this class, the S is much more fit than it needs to be when driven rapidly. Taking care of tests (65.6-mph slalom, 0.89g slide cushion) don’t substantiate its aura when determined with reason.

Breezing through its most thorough test with little or no trouble, the rich car impacted through an expressway doorway incline without raising our traveler’s circulatory strain — or her consideration from her cell phone. So it was unsurprising when date night advanced from a rich supper to sucking down solidified yogurt inside the S550, Burmester sound at full split. In the event that that is not the accurate measure of achievement in an auto like this, we don’t realize what is.

2014 Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan Price

Beginning at $93,825, the S550 is about $10,000 more excessive than a likewise furnished Audi A8 or BMW 7 Series. Our analyzer, outfitted with the greater part of the marque’s most eminent tech characteristics, totaled $116,340.

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